visualization on nyu hpcserver

NOTE: this intruction is built on the mac os.

  1. Install X11 server XQuartz on the local computer.
  2. Add the following lines to .ssh/config:
# first we create the tunnel, with instructions to pass incoming
# packets on ports 8024, 8025 and 8026 through it and to specific
# locations
Host hpcgwtunnel
   ForwardX11 no
   LocalForward 8025
   LocalForward 8026
   User NetID 
# next we create an alias for incoming packets on the port. The
# alias corresponds to where the tunnel forwards these packets
Host dumbo
  HostName localhost
  Port 8025
  ForwardX11 yes
  User NetID

Host prince
  HostName localhost
  Port 8026
  ForwardX11 yes
  User NetID
  1. Open an iTerm Windows, create the tunnel by entering
ssh hpcgwtunnel

Leave this window open. 4. Open another iTerm Window, enter the following

ssh -Y
  1. Then enter the following to create a session with x11 enabled
srun --x11 --pty /bin/bash
  1. Load the module (for example R)
module load r/intel/3.6.0
  1. Try to run the code with visualization (in R)